Contactless Donation Boxes

Contactless Donation Boxes

KwikGive is a stand-alone, mobile contactless device that accepts  contactless debit and credit payments.

The only device in Canada where the charity chooses from 1 to 4 customizable pre-set amounts for donors to choose from.

Donors choose the amount, tap and the donation is approved.  Charities receive funds the next business day in their accounts improving cash flow and revenue visibility.  In addition, detailed reporting and analytics are provided for charities to easily track, analyse and manage their network of donation devices.

Boost Fundraising With Contactless Donation Boxes

Our passion is helping charities transform their fundraising activities using advanced payment technologies.

With years of payment and POS terminal deployment expertise, we build new technologies to better unite donors with charities and their causes.

KwikGive solves how charities and not-for-profits raise funds in a society that is rapidly moving to cashless.  The advent of contactless, mobile and new frictionless payment technologies have made cash scarce.  Avrio bridges the gap between cash and cashless fundraising for charities and not-for-profits.

Our giving, payment and device management platform ensure a fully managed charity solution for our clients and partners.

Why Charities Need Contactless Donations

  • Fewer People Carry Cash. Only 51% Of All Transactions Are Cash. “Canada Payments”
  • Inspires Spontaneous Donations
  • More Secure, No Theft and Less Administration
  • No More Cash and Coin Box Administration and Management
  • Easier To Track Campaigns With Online Web Portal
  • Inspires Confidence and Modernizes Your Brand
  • Convenient

Charities suffer lower donation revenue as Cash-only Donation Boxes are literally running dry across Canada.”

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